You know your first record has probably been in the works a little longer than perhaps it should have when you find yourself hitting the New Year’s tips lists two years running, but perhaps we can cut Clarence Clarity some slack; the Londoner quite clearly specialises in controlled chaos, with pretty much every moment on this lengthy debut LP seeming to simultaneously be both pain-staking in its construction and on the verge of falling apart at any moment.

Clarity channels his eccentric pop sensibilities through a wonky, funk-driven lens, and when it works, it really works; the groove on ‘Let’s Shoot Up’ is irresistible, and ‘Porn Mountain’’s screechy, eighties guitar works uncannily well as part of what sounds like Blood Orange’s pop influences taken to a particularly druggy extreme. Perhaps predictably, though, ‘No Now’ is ultimately patchy; the constant stylistic twists and turns torpedo any aspiration of cohesion, and it’s often painfully apparent that Clarity didn’t have anybody of an editorial bent on board. There’s promise, then, but only if album number two comes with a proper production job.