Side projects fall into two distinct categories, members conjuring up a similar fare to their usual band with subtle differences or them experimenting with sounds that are the polar opposite to their usual bag. Young Guv – Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook’s solo project – falls noticeably into the latter.

‘Ripe 4 Luv’ is a world away from sludgy hardcore punk. Instead, Cook for the most part has penned a mini-album of ornate and glistening pop music that evokes the starry-eyed sensation of getting mesmerised by a sparkling glitter ball, best shown on the woozy disco tracks ‘Aquarian’ and ‘Wrong Crowd’.

Elsewhere, he kindles the dreamy reveries of Deerhunter and Big Star with added va-va-voom, while ‘Crawling Back To You’ is a power-pop blast reminiscent of Starships’ ‘We Built This City’ that somehow he manages to pull off. It might not be the most cohesive listen, but the Canadian punk certainly isn’t short of ideas and ‘Ripe 4 Luv’ hints that his pop hooks are more than just an experiment. He has, after all, ghost written for Taylor Swift before now.