From the ceaseless drone of psych rock revivalists still on the rise are Moon Duo – a San Francisco twosome with a predilection for all of the essential elements of psych: repetitive, fuzzed-up riffs, suppressed and barely-there vocals, and a persistent, near-apocalyptic organ underpinning it all.

Recalling the cosmic, sonic explorations of their homeland with a more present take on the Bay Area sound, here they resemble a contemporary version of Jefferson Airplane, while sounding altogether more concise than ever, with new addition John Jeffrey applying some deftly propulsive drumming for heightened hypnosis. ‘In A Cloud’ is the album’s prevailing moment: Sanae Yamada’s hushed vocals are enough to induce spaced-out slumber, while its languid guitar lines interplay effortlessly. In all, ‘Shadow of the Sun’ serves as the scope of Moon Duo’s artistic ability: unchanging but ultimately triumphant.

There’s not much here to differentiate from 2012’s ‘Circles’, but that’s often the limitations of psych rock. The medium is tedious, but they sure do it well.


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