Nobody knows who American Wrestlers is, and all his PR people give away is that he’s a Scotsman with a previous musical life who was drawn to Missouri (from whence this debut album springs) by the love of a good woman. Occasional parts of this record certainly do have a widescreen, American feel, despite the whole thing being recorded on an eight-track. ‘There’s No One Crying Over Me’ has a brightness and a lazy melody to it (and a slightly incongruously-placed, old-fashioned guitar solo that rolls into a pleasingly repetitive refrain), while ‘Holy’ features vocals strongly reminiscent of Sparklehorse sitting alongside some bizarrely Dire Straits-esque guitar chops.

The record’s undisputed high point then comes in the lengthy ‘Cheapshot’, where a distinctly Pixies-esque, bass-led verse segues into the kind of chorus you’d expect from My Bloody Valentine. It’s an odd mix that neither feels new nor old, yet somehow this disjointed confluence of styles and vibes sits together perfectly to form a coherent, engaging, exciting whole.