It was 2011 when ‘Bad Vibes’ introduced us to the intriguing grayscale world of L.A. based producer Shlohmo (aka Wedidit founder Henry Laufer). And what we got back then was a rewarding slice of percussive, downtempo electronica, which fell somewhere between the shadowy genius of Burial and the minimalist glitches of Gold Panda.

‘Dark Red’ isn’t a huge leap forward, but it sees the rough edges of his debut smoothed out in favour of a more confident, refined and superior album, Laufer drawing on elements of drum and bass (’Slow Descent’) flourishes of ambiance (‘Remains’) and dense hip-hop beats (‘Emerge From The Smoke’) to craft an opulent eclectic tapestry.

Shlohmo isn’t leaping for the mainstream, but he is trading-in some of the more abrasive, omnipresent static that coated his last album. What remains is an intense leftfield shimmer, similar to his previous work, but with a deeper sense of clarity. It allows us to once again peer into Shlohmo’s deftly constructed, mesmeric gloom, while greater appreciating the subtleties.