If Fairhorns’ debut, ‘Doki Doki Run’ was “autistic blues – music for angry nerds who like to groove stoically and immobile”, ‘Fuckup Rush’ is that motionless fury unleashed. The caffeine-hazed mind-melt of Beak> multi-instrumentalist Matt Loveridge, this time he’s intent on delivering fury, fragility, and clattering electronic body blows. From the first bludgeoning bars of ‘Like Fire’ through to the reverb-drenched punch of ‘234inadumbcodebecuzgoodmorning’, ‘Fuckup Rush’ is a pulsing, desperate scramble of brutal, unsettling digital punk that only finds peace in the distorted intensity of its premature end.

Where ‘Dysphoric Thrumm’ builds to an intense humming of evil, ‘jpeg made me cry’ warps into a dark disco of black contrasts, industrial rave, and vinyl purposefully played backwards; while ‘The Perils of Snakeblasting’ falls into slow skewed rhythms and unsettling, monastic psychedelics, the marching motorik beat and searing electricity of ‘Culture is Plague’ restlessly takes hold. A desperate, doom-laden projection of everything twisted and broken, let this one pummel. Let it seep. And let Fairhorns’ wailing chaos in.


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