‘Dirty Water’ is a piano instrumental that pre-dates Tom Vek’s 2005 debut album ‘We Have Sound’. Check it out here


10 years ago Tom Vek released ‘We Have Sound’, a debut album of leftfield electronic pop that was as instantly accessible as it was experimental. It sounded quite unlike anything else, and pre-dated anything that passed for Nu Rave by a good couple of years.

Vek’s 5-year hiatus that followed only fuelled the appeal of ‘We Have Sound’, and although his two follow ups have been more than adequate, there remains a lot of unspoiled love for his first LP.

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, the London based producer and man-of-a-million-instruments will perform his debut in full at south London venue Brixton Electric on May 22nd while Tummy Touch record will release a specially 3 x 10″ vinyl boxset of the record, including a disc of early, rare tracks that will include this song, ‘Dirty Water’.