Our May 2015 edition is out Saturday, featuring Chromatics, Holly Herndon, Sauna Youth, Anton Newcombe, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffatt, Du Blonde and Luke Haines


The independent nature of Johnny Jewel’s releases means that they never come with an exact date. ‘Dear Tommy’, the fifth album from his noir pop group Chromatics, is due any day now, though, so we met with the Texan producer/musician at 1am in a bar in Portland, to discuss his complete isolation and the impressive success of his Italians Do It Better cottage industry.

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffatt also gave Daniel Dylan Wray a heavy night out in Glasgow, a week before he went to Luke Haines‘ house where the former Auteurs frontman cooked him a homemade meal amidst crowdfunding a psychedelic rock’n’roll recipe book.

Anton Newcombe does the talking in our Tell Me About It feature, and Alex Kapranos fills in our Getting To Know You questionnaire.

The Horrors recount 2005, the year they formed and pissed everyone off, and we’ve also interviewed progressive post-punk band Sauna Youth, experimental electronic artist Holly Herndon and Du Blonde, who used to go by the name Beth Jeans Houghton.

It’ll be in stores and online for 2 May 2015. Pre-order a copy here.