As someone with a predilection for flawed, DIY basement recordings, bemoaning that something sounds “a bit too Lo-Fi” seems inconceivable to me, but if you thought Stealing Sheep’s debut LP, ‘Into the Diamond Sun’, was a bit on the unrefined side, then you’re in luck here.

Less focused on their psych tendencies and more informed by ’50s exotica, electronica and ’80s pop, the Liverpool trio’s second album is a polished counterpart, but most of what prevailed from their initial defining aesthetic remains intact: the distinct, ‘medieval-kraut-folk’ ambience, breezy pop melodies and unified vocal harmonies sill loom large. Though self-produced, the eschewing of organic recording techniques in favour of something more processed and embellished is what lets the album down somewhat, as programmed beats and trigger samples replace the previously rough recordings that gave their songs character.

The result is an interesting hybrid of accessible but surreal, metronomic pop, while the band’s choral vocal harmonies are sounding better than ever.


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