We’ve asked some bands to make 2 Primavera Sound mixes each, made up of their favourite bands on this year’s bill, and who they would have booked themselves. First selectors are Ought


As proud partners of Primavera Sound once again this year, we’re going to be leading up to the festival with a new series of mixes, compiled by some of our favourite bands on the 2015 bill.

Canadian band Ought made our favourite album of 2014 (‘More Than Any Other Day’ – Constellation Records), so seemed like the perfect place to start.

The rules we’ve given each band are the same – mix 1 is to be made up of the 10 artists they most admire who are also playing this year’s Primavera; mix 2 is who they would have booked if they had it their way.

Tim Keen picked mix 1 for Ought; Matt May picked mix 2.

More info and tickets for Primavera are over on their site.

Tim Keen on his mix: Some old favourites: I used that Antony & The Johnsons album as life support when I was 15. Every young drummer learns about Tony Allen, or should, anyway, and relistening to ‘Wingwalker’ reminds me of taking notes on Albini Youtube lectures when I was at home sick in high school. I know Patti Smith was very important to a lot of young members of this band.

Some new things as well: I really hope I’m around to see Mdou Moctar, he’s a pretty incredible musician, and Pharmakon, who is also excellent. I read an interview with her in Wire and was really impressed and excited by the level of intention behind her music; everything’s musically or politically or affectively necessary, which is something I aspire to. That album is really difficult to listen to, but not really because of the tones involved: it’s that constant hacking cough and the intimacy of illness. An autoimmune disorder is when the body loses the ability to differentiate between its inside and its outside.

Perfume Genius’ ‘Queen’ is flawless, obviously. Everyone talks about the lyrics and the arrangement and the video and the politics, as they should, but lest we forget the drum sound, which is also fucked up good. It’s exciting when artists set Scott Walker and Kate Bush within their sights, it’s so giddy and audacious. Like if a new composer said they’re trying to beat out Mahler, or something. He pulls it off, too.

Oh yeah then i put an earth track on the end for good measure.

Matt May on his mix: It just so happens that about half of these bands I’m lucky enough to get to see play pretty often in Montreal, but for some reason I really just want to see them play so many more times. To me, these are all wildly interesting bands, and I listen to them (pretty) obsessively. I would probably flip out and message an embarrassing amount of people if I saw that they were all playing somewhere together, and only too late realize I was being pranked by some cruel soul.