Niall Galvin aka Only Real’s cocksure blend of surf, shoegaze, hip-hop, brit-pop and you name it-rock, has had people talking for a while now, on account of its eclecticism. Of course, it makes perfect sense, really – it’s not that his tastes are more sprawling than most, it’s just that most artists don’t bother trying to reconcile their entire iTunes library in their first album. Only Real isn’t fussed though, and his long awaited debut sees him determined to have the best of all possible worlds.

‘Jerk at the End of the Line’ is an insta-hazed nostalgia trip for the modern retro enthusiast who is probably too young to even remember Keenan and Kel. ‘Yesterday’ serves up a blissful slice of B-town summer, playing like an ill-advised collaboration between Jaws and Scroobius Pip, while the guitar work in ‘Daisychained’ would fit perfectly on a Lotus Plaza album. Despite half the tracks sounding like they’ve been left out in the sun too long, and once you’ve made it passed the extremely annoying chipmunk-ing opener, there’s an exuberance throughout that makes it hard not to want to tag along.


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