The slightly unlikely pairing of multi-instrumental jazz player Bill Wells with Arab Strap’s king of filth Aidan Moffatt proved to be most fruitful on their 2011 debut ‘Everything’s Getting Older’.

Getting older suits Moffatt; his keen lyrical eye can find beauty and despair in the routine existence that fatherhood pushes you into, and Wells has found a sonic tone that accompanies – and often drives – this seamlessly. Although still largely piano-led, their second album pushes more sonic boundaries, blasts of avant-garde jazz couple the more, almost lounge bar (in a good way) jazz tones, moments of minimal electronica flutter subtly and there’s even a move into lullaby-anthem on the Spiritualized-like ‘Street Paster Colloquy’.

There’s a triumphant quality to this record. It feels assured in abilities and ambitions and the sonic trajectories seem to be shooting for the skies more than they are to be found crumpled on the floor under a bar stool. Most exciting however, is the feeling of endless possibilities that this record, and collaboration, throws up.