There’s a pervasive sense of otherworldliness to Mike Simonetti’s debut album that reaches beyond the name of his new synthpop outlet, which references ‘Pale Blue Dot,’ the name of an iconic photograph of Earth taken by the Voyager 1 space probe in 1990. The veteran producer, DJ and record label impresario has recently moved on from Italians Do It Better, the revered synth-punk-cum-Italo-disco label he started with Johnny Jewel, to launch 2MR – or 2 Mikes Records – with Captured Tracks head honcho Mike Sniper.

Just as the Voyager probe blasted off from our planet and hurtled towards the outer reaches of the galaxy, so too does Simonetti leave behind the Los Angeles night-time street scenes that inspired much of his old label’s output as he looks to the stars for inspiration here. Teaming up with Silver Hands vocalist Elizabeth Wight, Simonetti delivers thirteen tracks of sparse rhythms, densely layered pads and vintage synth arpeggios that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Philip K. Dick movie soundtrack. Oh, and they’re absolutely great.


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