Riffs. NYC’s White Hills have got ‘em aplenty on their stripped-down new album, and void of their trademark psych squall, the fretwork stands out more than ever; big bold snarling hooks meant to rattle around your cranium like flipper-struck pinballs. The problem is that away from the Hawkwindian psych tendencies that have cemented them as prolific genre-leaders since their 2005 inception, White Hills sound kind of average.

On current form, they could take a cue or two from some far newer propositions. Toy’s motorik rhythms drive harder than ‘No Will’, The Amazing Snakeheads make a freakier racket than White Hills do on ‘Lead The Way’ and the underlying pop sensibility of Nuggets-era acid rock seems to be sadly missing from ‘Life Is Upon You’. On ‘We Are What You Are’ they sound like Leicester meat rockers Kasabian at their most edgy. No mean feat, if that’s your bag, but White Hills’ legendary status warrants more. At the title track’s peak things get tamer still, which is not a choice of words you’d expect to use when describing a band who’ve been likened to Iggy and The Stooges.