Three years on from their debut album, Metz have returned with what singer and guitarist Alex Edkins describes as their “relationship” album, focusing not on love and romance but the noise punk trio’s interactions with everything from the media and consumerism to anxiety and death. Tackling such lofty lyrical fodder is certainly admirable, though for a majority of their fans, the Torontonians’ most important relationship of all is the one they share with noise. On that score, Metz certainly don’t disappoint here.

Bigger, faster, louder, stronger – in many ways ‘II’ is everything the band’s second record ought to be. Songs still invariably seem to lumber – mangled and distorted – from the embers of a blown-out amplifier, before screeching into life with a Bleach-era Nirvana riff and Edkins’s lacerated-with-barbed-wire vocals. This time around though, there’s a balls-to-the-wall intensity of it all that threatens to drown the melody of potential anthems like ‘Wait in Line’ and ‘Spit it Out’, before the end of the track arrives and you’re still screaming the chorus.


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