Currently a PhD student at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Holly Herndon can now add a debut release on 4AD to the already-strong extracurricular section of her CV. Recalling Confield-era Autechre at Booth and Brown’s most punishing and most melodic, this is an LP that would feel comfortably at home had Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series continued into the 2000s. And I don’t say that lightly.

From opener and recent single ‘Interference’, ‘Platform’ feels simultaneously fresh and yet part of a classic electronic lineage that also includes, amongst others, μ-Ziq, múm, Björk and, more recently, Balam Acab and The Knife. And while lumping Herndon in with Laurel Halo might form a neat gender-based narrative, the sounds on ‘Platform’ form a very different beast, placing much more emphasis on textures, grooves and out-and-out aggression.

Key tracks: ‘Morning Sun’ with its gorgeous, glitchy dawn chorus, ‘Home’’s aching bass and fractured vocal interplay, and ‘An Exit’, an epic that exists on the outer borders of dance music and stadium-sized electronic pop which proves that machines, when deployed correctly, can have feelings too.


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