If you’re feeling down on indie rock, let The Big Moon remind you that it’s not rocket science


This evening I went to see The Big Moon – a new London quartet who are releasing a debut 12″ single via a new label called Hard Up on June 15th.

I felt compelled to come home an post ‘Sucker’ because everything about the show made me realise how much of a grumpy bastard you can become once you’ve been (ahem) ‘working’ in music for a few years.

The spirits were cheap and the mixers syrupy; the venue the kind of pokey, sunken dungeon pub that just don’t exist anymore; the clientele strictly 17 and clearly all friends with each other.

If I was a much younger man (let’s be kind and say 10 years younger), The Big Moon would already be my favourite new band without them even playing, but then they did play, and weren’t just suitably unpretentious in the delivery of their indie rock (that nods heavily towards Elastica), but were actually quite brilliant.

They did a cover of Madonna’s awful ‘Beautiful Stranger’, but I even thought that was pretty good.

They say that they were inspired to start a band after seeing Palma Violets, and that might turn some people off instantly, but I can’t imagine The Big Moon will care about that – they’re already destined to be a mainstream indie rock act, probably the size of Haim, or maybe bigger.