In case you’ve missed the introducing sound of Koichi Yamanoha’s new space folk project, here’s the title track from Grimm Grimm’s debut album


Koichi Yamanoha used to be the driving force behind Screaming Tea Party – a psychedelic, abrasive noise trio that would play shows around London in gas masks and with naan bread covering their faces.

Sounds a bit weird, right? It was. And sinister. And pretty thrilling, between 2006 and their split in 2010.

Yamanoha’s new projects sounds like it couldn’t have possibly come from the same guy who was making such a din with his old band, but the heavy-lidded debut album from Grimm Grimm – entitled ‘Hazy Eyes Maybe’, and released via ATP on June 29th – has taken over our office for the last couple of weeks.

Its hashtaged as ‘space folk’, which sounds about right from its mixture of the Canterbury sound with a darker, zero gravity uncertainty.

Here’s the record’s title track, in case you’ve missed it.