The third album from LA musician Nosaj Thing is an absorbing, spacey, enveloping kind of electronica. You could almost call it psychedelic; not in the traditionally accepted (musical) sense of the word, but in the sense that it wordlessly conveys and creates feelings that are otherworldly.

Other than those with scant vocals (‘Cold Stares’ is vaguely soulful and brushed with hip-hop), no one track discernibly stands out from another here; this is very much a cohesive collection, almost like a single piece of music with a number of different movements.

Thus there are no real surprises to be found of ‘Fated’, although it feels like there aren’t meant to be. It’s a kind of incidental record, which if you’re in the wrong mood might pass you by, but if it catches you right has a genuinely hypnotic, entrancing effect; each careful detail becoming apparent and forming part of its complex texture.

Listen to this album through headphones, staring out of the window on a long train journey, and you’ll appreciate its understated splendour.


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