Patience is a virtue for Jamie xx. After ghosting to prominence with The xx back in 2009, he’s defied the Hypem rise in favour of a far more studied route. Shuffling out of the band’s shadow, his sterling production work and regularly stellar DJ sets have always been performed with the steady self-assurance that, unsurprisingly, guides ‘In Colour’.

Opener, ‘Oh My Gosh’ is the album banger, with subterranean beats and ragged percussion biting with the urban snap of London’s concrete beats. ‘Sleep Sound’ beautifully swims into focus – even without the visual accompaniment of the brilliant Sofia Mattioli video – and ‘Loud Places’ is the sun-up saviour, a slow-bloomer washed with fellow xx Romy’s husky vocal and mild euphoria to take the edge off a long night.

It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Jamie Smith – unhurried, uncluttered, and weighted with a black-clad melancholy, it’s the long-play hallmark of the club-based boom picked up on the dance circuit but tempered by a producer who feels most comfortable in inky bedroom gloom.

Familiar dream pop elements drift with a soft 8-bit lilt on ‘See Saw’ before ‘Hold Tight’ drops into ‘Music for a Jilted Generation’ territory – rave re-imagined for aloof young millennials. Assured, polished, and precise, if we’ve learned anything over the last few years it’s that a little patience has only ever heightened Jamie xx’s brilliant understatement.


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