Determined to pass the newly assumed crown of most commonly mispronounced name in music back to Todd Terje, the debut album from Jaakko Eino Kalevi opens with a glorious self-proclamation in the not so cryptically titled ‘JEK’. What follows is simultaneously bold and understated; a smooth neo-classical odyssey and utopian vision where mind and machine work in harmony. “Break the self/and build it again” is the mantra at the album’s core (from ‘Mind and Muscle’) as Jaakko assumes various musical guises and nails each one.

Amongst the disassembly is the gorgeous midnight pop of ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’, the immaculate science-fiction funk in ‘Say’, and ‘Room’, which sees the Finnish Kalevi masquerade as Ariel Pink’s more soulful and sensitive cousin. His is a world of strange and wonderful rhythms and few debuts manage such idiosyncrasy without losing focus. Mellifluous, ethereal yet simultaneously earthy, what on first listen may seem ridiculous or egotistical, on second visit becomes an irresistible opening chant that you can’t help but join in with: “Jaakko Eino Kalevi”.


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