Wolf Alice have made their name supporting indie big leaguers like Alt-J and The 1975, honing themselves into an allegedly relentless live act. You wouldn’t know it from listening to their polished debut album. The London quartet have claimed they wanted ‘My Love Is Cool’ to be eclectic. At this, they have definitely succeeded.

‘Freazy’’s breezy R&B mission statement shakes the record up for the better, and when they take the time to straighten out their sound on tracks  like ‘Lisbon’ and the oddly Cranberries-ish ‘Bros’, it’s a fleeting revelation. Otherwise, the band’s grab-bag approach is what lets them down; the album’s more profound moments are never as deep as they aspire to be, and its rockers sound decidedly defanged. ‘Swallowtail’ tries both in the space of six minutes, its noisebomb coda sounding like a tacked-on afterthought.

Ultimately, you come away from ‘My Love Is Cool’ with absolutely no idea what Wolf Alice actually sound like. Worse, you get the impression they’re may not even be sure what they’re good at.


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