Despite having quite possibly the worst band name since the advent of Catfish and The Bottlemen, North Carolinian duo Mat Cothran and Delaney Mills – aka Elvis Depressedly – have produced an album of spare beauty. This, their second album, is a nine-track collection that heaves with gorgeous lo-fi aesthetics.

‘Thou shalt not Murder’ and ‘Bruises (amethyst)’ set the tone, with distant percussive flurries and gentle guitar refrains listing against subtle oscillating samples, Cothran’s vocal sweeping across the album with the delicacy of taraxacum seeds on the breeze. “If we fuck up it’s alright, there’s so much more to life than all these wastes of time,” he intones on album closer ‘Wastes Of Time’, the beauty of his sentiment echoed in the simplicity of his delivery. Barely scraping the twenty-minute mark, it might feel like a fleeting taste.

And yet ‘New Alhambra’ manages to convey more emotion in the blink of an eye than many albums strain to achieve in treble the time; mirroring the fragile nature of existence in all its ephemeral splendour.