Warm Soda’s ‘Symbolic Dream’ (their third album since 2013) is the sound of eternal youth; of twenty-somethings-who-are-really-thirty-somethings with ripped up Levis and unkempt locks mock-brawling over beers; of carefree exuberance in the reddening ‘noon sun; of a Mustang full of mates beating drums on the dashboard to a killer blast from the AM radio.

Punky opener ‘I Wanna Know Her’ epitomises their singular ’70s aesthetic; pepped and jubilant, its scuzzy familiar riff struts along like former Frisco act Girls at their most desert glam; there’s a worn-in hook at every turn and it’s wrapped up in a feeling of infectious giddiness. Band leader Matthew Melton – who previously spearheaded trippy-rock band Bare Wires – nods to Marc Bolan in the same way defunct Chicagoans Smith Westerns did on their stellar sophomore LP ‘Dye It Blonde’, especially on ‘I Know The Cure’; his coo is calm and eloquent, and the melodies keep coming like incessant whac-a-moles. Except we’re not fighting it; just juicin’ back another and enjoying the ride.


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