Watch the video for ‘Night’s Spell’ the first single to come from TELEPATHE’s second album, which, let’s face it, we thought would never come

The new video from TELEPATHE isn’t that great, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s from TELEPATHE.

There was a time when the Brooklyn duo of Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais were the hottest thing on four legs. That time was 2007/2008, so you might have forgotten it even happened.

Delays have been a trait of the group’s pretty much since the beginning – after genuinely exciting electronic EPs that contained tracks like ‘Chromes On It’ and ‘Devil’s Trident’, the group finally put out debut album ‘Dance Mother’ in 2009, late reportedly due to issues with contracts and the production fee of producer Dave Sitek.

Even though TELEPATHE were not longer white hot by then, they appeared on the front cover of Loud And Quiet 7, and ‘Dance Mother’ stood up as record that promised greater things. It still doesn’t sound like too much else today. But then… not very much at all.

A follow-up album is talked of every now and then, usually to a general tone of, ‘oh yeah, Telepathe! I liked them’, but other than 2011 AA single ‘Throw Away This / Destroyer’, the trail has always gone cold… until today.

Suddenly a new TELEPATHE record is ready, and will definitely be released on 7 August 2015 via a label called BZML. It’s called ‘Destroyer’ and here’s the first track from it, ‘Night’s Spell’.