Uruguayan-born Juan Wauters, so legend goes, moved to New York in his teens and turned to music to fight the loneliness he encountered upon his arrival. He needn’t have worried about settling in, however, having found indie adoration with the Beets within a couple of years, and a solo deal with Captured Tracks soon after.

Where his debut LP, last year’s ‘N.A.P. North American Poetry’, drew on the sprawling, rough-edged outsider approach of Daniel Johnston, ‘Who, Me?’ is a much more polished effort that might be more accurately filed next to Dylan, Browne or Zevon, while he manages to tease out the influence of his native country’s Canto popular on this album for the first time. The everyday is still the focus of Wauters’ microscope as he places the daily comings and goings of NYC in his Petri dish. ‘Woodside, Queens,’ ‘She Might Get Shot’ and ‘Grey Matter’ are 2015 urban tales filtered through that hazy, late-60s acoustic sound.

The raw aptitude is there, and with a little more time in the studio, Wauters might manage to drag himself up from good to great.


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