Melbourne indie pop band Alpine laid a promising foundation of sparkly pop with their 2009 debut album, ‘A is For Alpine’. Its standout moments – ‘Gasoline’, ‘Hands’ and ‘Villages’ – were infectious, but aside from the star attractions there was a rather one-dimensional and forgettable quality to their output. On this second album, the icy cool production is pristine once again while Phoebe Baker and Lou James’ trademark harmonised vocals are just as angelic as on their debut.

Lead single ‘Foolish’ is effortlessly likeable with its hazy twangs and charming chorus, ‘Damn Baby’ is impressively bold, and the intricate ‘Crunches’ shows the expert songcraft the six-piece group are capable of conjuring up. Elsewhere though, the electro pop flies past in unremarkable fashion like a bird hidden away amongst a flock, as they stick to their tried and tested formula. ‘Yuck’ unforgivably makes the same shortcomings as the Aussie’s first album with its predictable and calculated nature, but on their debut album it hadn’t worn quite as thin.


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