Slime, aka Newcastle producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Archer, reckons he’s collected over 400 finished tracks in the years leading up to the release of this, his debut LP. As is customary, he is made to look all serious and sulky in the photos attached to the album’s press release. Yet there is a playfulness in his sound.

‘Company’ is tactile and it grooves; it’s the sound of transient memories of blurry nights out and hot summer days. Undoubted standouts are the album’s twin lead singles, ‘Hot Dog’ – a gorgeous, Cocteau Twins-meets-Lapalux fusion – and the bass-driven, future pop of ‘My Company’, but the real joy of this album comes when you begin to fully appreciate Archer’s more abstract works. ‘The Way of Asprilla’, for example, is a tribute to former Toon Army playmaker Faustino that rises and falls with the mercurialness of its muse, while ‘Symptoms’ and ‘Down And Tell’ showcase Slime’s ability to conjure life from inanimate objects, building tiny, melancholy worlds without the need for words.

Indeed, the biggest compliment I can pay Archer is that he is a producer who possesses that rare quality of knowing the exact distance, in millimetres, to place a mic from a snare drum in order to elicit maximum effect. ‘Company’ is one of this year’s low-key releases, arriving on Domino’s Weird World arm without much fanfare. On this evidence, however, much bigger names will be queuing up to enlist Archer’s services. Get in there quick.


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