The tracklisting for Fist City’s second album reads like an angry teens diary entries. ‘Fuck Cops’, ‘Bad Trip’, and ‘Let’s Rip’ are the most eye-catching titles that hint towards a rousing and destructive listen from the Calgary-based punk band. Unsurprisingly, over the course of ‘Everything Is A Mess’, the band try to juggle between grungy and chiming guitars, as well conjure up the explosive energy of their producer’s (Ben Greenberg, formerly of The Men) old band.

Sadly, the Canadians’ sound loses its identity by trying to channel its influences; the music is neither exhilaratingly unhinged or charmingly jangly, instead invoking a confused no-man’s-land that plods along like a battered old van spluttering away, trying to get up into third gear on the motorway. ‘Surf’s Up’ is an exception, with fuzzy guitars that splash away hypnotically, but that momentum is soon lost amongst a number of pointless interludes. Contrary to the provocative title, Fist City have made an album that may well have been born out of rage and frustration, but remains indifferent.