Just when you thought Sam Dust would remain a shadowy figure, most fondly remembered for his contribution to cult noughties almost-heroes Late of The Pier, he emerges from the wilderness with new album ‘Inji’, his debut release as LA Priest. In it he finds himself lost in a musical Bermuda Triangle, rambling between groggy laptop lo-fi, expansive Sun Araw prog and straight up flamboyant funk.

Opening track ‘Occasion’ creeps in on an otherworldly, reptilian bass line before unleashing some unashamedly gaudy vocals and a thrusting guitar riff that Prince would be proud of. ‘Lady’s in Trouble With the Law’ is soulful, though with a hint of Connan Mockasin oddness amongst the sweeping falsettos, while ‘Oino’ resurrects early house influences. In between these tracks Dust taps into some fairly cosmic sounding energy streams in moments of musical séance, establishing himself as some sort of electro-magnetic medium. It’s an intriguing blend of old and new, of experimental and tried and tested, offering a few playful surprises along the way – not least the heartfelt album closer ‘Mountain’.

Some of this unpredictable nature can be attributed to the five-year writing and recording period, making the album a curious collection rather than cohesive statement, but the strength of glitch dance piece ‘Party Zute/Learning To Love All Over’ alone though shows that ‘Inji’ is well worth getting lost in.


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