LA resident Lionel Williams is from distinguished musical stock – son of Mark Towner Williams of Crosby, Stills and Nash, and grandson of film composer John Williams, as the press release tells us repeatedly. So you can’t blame him for trying to forge a unique musical identity, down which path he takes another step with ‘Into’, a collection of strange, floaty vignettes, perhaps best described as ambient.

The term ‘soundscapes’ is overused but it certainly applies here; these compositions are wide, watery and hazily colourful. But as the record progresses it becomes more and more obvious that this is probably the perfect album to soothe a wired insomniac at 3am. Music this detached can only ever be incidental. It creates a non-feeling, a blank void in the mind of the listener. Or, perhaps that’s not true – a quick glance at the track listing reveals that the final mini-opus is a dread-inducing ten minutes long.

‘Into’ is highly musically accomplished, and admirably inventive, but at best it’s interesting, and at worst, simply irritating.


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