White Poppy is the moniker of the superbly named Crystal Dorvan, a Vancouver-based musician, artist and writer about whom, it seems, very little is known. It’s refreshing to come across an artist who, by design or otherwise, truly lets their music speak for them. Thus ‘Natural Phenomena’, her second album, kicks off with the fuzzy, hazy and absorbing ‘Confusion’, and segues into the instrumental ‘Wild Mind’, which slides layers of sound around a tribal beat.

Dorvan is breaking no musical moulds here, but what she does, she does superbly – this record is like a warm bath, or a morphine-assisted float down a jungle river. ‘Midnight Sun’ is a particular highlight, like My Bloody Valentine stripped of the noise, buried in an astringent yet melodic guitar line. On ‘Aurora’, synth and organ weave superbly around a cyclical riff, while ‘Telepathic Love’ feels like Moon Duo on tranquilisers. The flow of this album is all in one direction and there are few surprises, but it’s viscerally engaging and highly immersive stuff.


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