When Carlton Melton have already taken you hurtling into outer space on previous records, such is the forceful trajectory of their gargantuan riffing cosmic psych, you do wonder where is left for them to go. However, on this double LP (clocking in at 76mins) it’s clear they still have a lot of gas left in the tank.

Chunky, gritty riffs blast and growl throughout but the group are also masters of control, too. They feel just as exploratory and progressive during their meditative and deeply prolonged ambient drones as they do unleashing their clenched-teeth, fireball guitar assaults. There’s a stripping down of some of the guitar work on this record, almost toying with more classic-rock stylistic tendencies on the more aggressive songs, replacing the all out frenzied acid rock approach.

Variety is key, though, and whilst ‘Out to Sea’ maintains a glorious sonic consistency and immersive tonality throughout, its real success lies in just how many places you feel you’ve been taken to along its vast, landscape-shifting journey.


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