Amason are named, after a fashion, for the female warriors of Greek mythology. Despite this, musically the band holds more in common with their ‘by way of’ namesake; the Volvo Amason. This is in no way an insult to neither band nor car. However, it is clear that this debut album is comforting and secure rather than antagonistic and confrontational. Music hall lullaby ‘The Moon As A Kite’ is typically sweet, and nostalgic without being cloying.

Indeed, this can be said for ‘Sky City’ as a whole. This is a debut that takes few risks yet does not seem stale. The inclusion of tracks in the band’s native Swedish is perhaps the element most likely to surprise some listeners, especially as ‘Sky City’ relies heavily on vocal talent. Singer Amanda Bergman’s rich voice is particularly impressive on ‘Yellow Moon’, where her range is given the attention it deserves. The instruments are secondary here, a vehicle for the vocals, and with ‘Sky City’ Amason have assembled a charming record. It remains to be seen how they will grow from here.


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