Upon first inspection, Autobahn may seem like another pissed-off band making doomy post-punk. Granted, they have graduated from the same grimy stages as fellow Leeds group Eagulls and have released a couple of gritty EPs that have showcased an unhinged powerful racket, but it’s not all doom and gloom with this five-piece.

The clattering noise and scolding opening of ‘Missing In Action’ may suggest otherwise, with singer Craig Johnson unfurling a menacing bellow to compete with the chaotic instrumentation. Elsewhere, though, their music is denser and more intriguing than their early recordings – ‘Immaterial Man’ sounds like a Factory Records single during the lofty heights of post-punk, whilst ‘Impressionist’ and ‘Society’ break loose from their motorik pulses to reach thrilling climaxes.

On ‘Beautiful Place To Die’, Johnson sings: “There was snow on the ground, sun shining and I thought to myself, if I were to crash and die here, at least it would be a really beautiful place to die.” Not quite ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’, but it is nonetheless this strange sense of romanticism in the poetic lyrics that is the main appeal of this appropriately named debut album. Amongst the darkness Autobahn have managed to conjure glimmers of mysterious light that makes ‘Dissemble’ standout and a more compelling proposition than the millions of other bands making short bursts of angry noise.


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