Nigerian brothers Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan have an impressive collective curriculum vitae. From polished mainstream RnB to gritty rap, J. Cole, Drake, and Earl Sweatshirt have all benefited from the touch of the production duo in the studio.

‘FW14’ sees them release their first album under the Christian Rich moniker. Supposedly taking the future as its muse, the album, they say, is influenced by the work of Phillip K Dick and Christopher Nolan. But while there are moments where the pair draw on the aural maximalism of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice (‘Forever Ever’, and the Vince Staples-featuring ‘High’, for example) the collection generally doffs its cap to the funk and disco that Quincy Jones shaped in the late ’70s.

You can almost see the glint of the glitter balls as ‘Real Love’, ‘Better To’, and ‘What More’, with their slick, upstroke guitars appropriate Off The Wall-era Jacko with passable results. However, while ‘FW14’ showcases the Hassans’ indubitable production qualities, the album exists as a perfunctory shop window rather than an opportunity to break any particularly new ground.


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