Simon Love – ex-lead singer of The Loves – returns from the wilderness with a confounding solo debut. The graceful production shows just how well honed his aesthetic has become over the years. Brimming with nostalgia and indebted to mid-Sixties pop, Love’s music perfectly reflecting the influence of The Kinks, The Small Faces and Lennon/McCartney post-Beatles. Sadly, he undercuts his own fine tunes with lyrical transgressions, which attempt shrewdness, but seem closer to the scribblings of a sniggering schoolboy.

“Love is a two-balled crack-whored ass-bumming cock-sucking mother-fucking dirty word,” he sings on opener ‘**** (Is A Dirty Word)’. Love’s desire to jolt the listener with piquant lyricism should shock, but really it’s all rather boring. And it yanks down an album that could soar. Whether he’s singing about castration (‘My Dick’) or people who beat you down (‘Motherfuckers’), Love strives for wit but constantly falls wide of the mark. The ill refined lyricism terminally undermining his natural talent for grandiose pop.


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