Night Beds’ debut album, ‘Country Sleep’, had many excitedly comparing Winston Yellen to Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams, but despite plumbing similarly maudlin depths of world-weariness, love, loss, despair and heartbreak, he was never really about those silver-tongued comparisons. “When ‘Country Sleep’ came out, I had never made songs like that before,” he admitted, and subsequently shifted his focus from contemplative alt. country simplicity – all blustery arrangements and swooning vocal – to this one-paced, RnB melancholy follow up.

Inspired by the breakup of a long term relationship, and self-described as an album of “sad sex jams”, tracks like ‘Sway(ve)’, ‘Lay Your Hands’ and ‘Love Streams’ bump towards that remit with open white-shirt indulgence, but Yellen’s take on a sensual confessional runs too parallel over 16 schmaltzy tracks. Barring the stripped back acoustic wail of ‘All in Good Time (I Get You Wrong Interlude)’, the Bieber offal of ‘[9-6] slack-jaw’ and over-exposed Auto-Tune echoes of ‘Finished’ only succeed in making Owl City Trapped in the Closet with R Kelly a palpably terrifying reality.


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