Our September 2015 issue will be in stores from August 29th, featuring Beirut, U.S. Girls, Nicolas Godin, Bernard Butler, Tkay Maidza, Algiers, Peaches and others


Over our summer break, we’ve done a bit of travelling to bring you our September 2015.

First we went to Brooklyn, New York, to meet Zach Condon – aka Beirut – who releases his fourth album, ‘No No No’, next month. It’s a record that was plagued by mental health issues, divorce, hospitalisation and self-doubt. It’s a miracle it was made at all, let alone the fact that it’s Zach Condon’s cheeriest record to date.

Then we went to upstate New York, to Hudson, to have breakfast with U.S. Girls – the feminist alt. pop solo project of Meg Remy – while back in Europe Nicolas Godin told us in Paris that people over 40 only make shitty records. Despite this, at the age of 45 he’s stepped away from Air to record a debut solo album inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach. Yeah, it’s pretty adventurous.

Bernard Butler had Sam Walton over to his North London studio for a Tell Me About It feature that’s more straight-talking about Britpop revivalism than any other you’re likely to read, Jennifer Jonson introduces Australian rapper Tkay Maidza and soul-punk band Algiers prove to be the political voice that we’re in need of right now.

Amy Pettifer also recounts her personal experiences of being a female music journalist, in light of my recent post calling for female writers to get in touch.

Peaches fills in our Getting To Know You questionnaire, and there’s more.

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