Deaf Wish never planned to stick around. At their inception, the band revolved around an ‘it is what it is’ philosophy. They thought they’d do two shows, maybe. Then there was a third, and a fourth, and a trail of releases. The latest, ‘Pain’, bristles with a nervous energy that at times tumbles into an all-out breakdown. The twitchy neurosis of tracks like ‘Eyes Closed’ and ‘Pain’ bring to mind a lit fuse, or a guitar string about to snap. The feedback and frenzy push against one another, until they come to such screeching halts they must give the drummer whiplash. The fuzzed-out relative calm of ‘Sunset’s Fool’, then, is a welcome counterpoint. Likewise the controlled buzz of ‘They Know’.

“Pain” is a collection of dissonant elements that spark against one another, somehow managing to form a whole. Deaf Wish’s sense of immediacy drives the record, with the band doing their best not to over complicate things. At its strongest, “Pain” is simple, straightforward punk. Deaf Wish know it’s not dead yet.


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