‘The Expanding Flower Plant’ sounds like the title of a dusty battered old record you’d expect to find in your local record shop wedged in a psychedelic crate alongside Jefferson Airplane and other west coast bands. Angel Deradoorian, the former bassist and vocalist in Dirty Projectors, unsurprisingly does indeed conjure up mind expansive sounds, but unlike the mellow tunes her contemporise produce she pursues an otherworldly noise inspired by East Indian, Middle Eastern and traditional Japanese influences. It makes for an interesting and challenging debut album.

There is the enchanting ‘Komodo’ and hypnotic ‘The Invincible Man’ that boast intricate songcraft, but also testing moments like the grating ‘DarkLord’ and ‘Violet Minded’. Deradoorian stated that she wanted her debut to “broaden the mind and its capabilities beyond what we are told it can do.” Although it sounds like the typical stoned spiel from a psych band, ‘The Expanding Flower Plant’ is a good effort at doing just that.


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