Despite being 45, Air’s Nicolas Godin believes that over 40s shouldn’t make music. He’s asked 22 year old producer MMOTHS to remix his new single


For the new issue of Loud And Quiet (September 2015), Nicolas Godin, one half of Air, told James F. Thompson that people over 40 shouldn’t make music – that it always sounds bad. Godin is now 45 and this month releases his debut solo album ‘Contrepoint’ via Because, on September 18th.

He seemed deadly serious about it, even if ‘Contrepoint’ remains a wildly ambition record, inspired by and consisting of Godin’s interpretations of the work of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The point he goes on to make is how advances in technology align with different generations when it comes to electronic music, and that his time has past, while for people like MMOTHS (22 year old Jack Colleran) the new gear really belongs to them. This ambient remix of Godin’s new single ‘Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde’ proves his point nicely.

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