For anyone unfamiliar with Blank Realm, their frenzied songs skip and jump between the different sub-genres of homemade garage rock like a malfunctioning radio. On their last album, 2014’s ‘Grassed Inn’, they managed to channel their chaotic barroom rock into something vaguely coherent – a path they’ve continued down here. ‘Illegals In Heaven’ is the Aussie’s first album to be recorded in a studio, but it still fizzes and pops away like a packet of Haribo. This is best displayed on ‘River of Longing’, with its vibrant and infectious melody that exudes the warmth of their Brisbane roots.

Elsewhere, they manage to ooze art rock cool on ‘Cruel Night’, while ‘Palace of Love’ features chiming pillowy guitars. Opener ‘No Views’ is a deliriously scuzzy mess. Unlike their previous work, they also reveal a fragile sound with tender ballads ‘Dream Date’ and ‘Gold’ hinting at a more mature side to the four-piece. ‘Grassed Inn’ felt like the group hitting their stride, but here Blank Realm have furthered that momentum with another fun and exciting effort that once again piles on the layers of influence.


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