Probably the most surprising thing about this debut record from Sealings is just how refined it all seems to sound; compared to everything else they’ve released to date, the rough edges have very much been sanded down in production terms, presumably because the Brighton trio have realised that loudness doesn’t necessarily have to mean harshness. It’s a good move, too – it sets them apart from plenty of their noise rock contemporaries without watering down the near-violent approach to the guitar that has been their unique selling point to date.

The fabulously titled ‘Psychic Gobshite’ provides some proof to this end; there’s noodling and often melodic riffs that vie for prominence when the chorus hits, with an explosively aggressive vocal. There’s pleasing stylistic variation, too, between the incendiary likes of ‘Malloy’ and the almost poppy ‘Hey Bernice’, for instance, and ‘Transient Curse’ suggests that off-kilter electronic sounds might provide another avenue for the band to go down in future. In a genre where genuinely original ideas are sparse, ‘I’m a Bastard’ is a promising debut.


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