Inside our October 2015 edition: Ho99o9, Wand, Girl Band, Deerhunter, Deradoorian, Beat Happening, Johnny Marr and an A-Z to releasing your own record


Ho99o9 are a new duo originally from New Jersey and now working out of LA, who terrorise crowds with a violent and progressive mix of hardcore punk, hip-hop and industrial noise.

We first came across them a month or so ago when they played notorious Berlin techno club Berghain. There were circle pits and nudity and a lot of noise, in what was one of the most exciting shows we’d seen in a long time. So we contacted the band to arrange and interview and photo shoot with them (in an abandoned LA zoo), for this month’s cover feature.

Dublin’s Girl Band are an equally progressive bunch, as you may well have realised by now, but they’ve not discuss the mental breakdown of lead singer Dara Kiely – that spawned their debut album, ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ – in as much depth as they do in Loud And Quiet 71. It’s a candid and inspiring article, as is our interview with Calvin Johnson, for a celebration of the importance of Beat Happening.

Joining these three are an LA psych band that don’t follow the usual psych rock rules (Wand) and ex-member of Dirty Projectors now going it alone (Daradoorian) and Bradford Cox of Deerhunter. Ian Roebuck has put together an A-Z Guide to Releasing a Record in 2015, and Johnny Marr fills in our Getting To Know You questionnaire.

Yeah, there’s more too.

In stores October 3rd, and available to order here.