Destruction Unit’s last album, ‘Deep Trip’, was just that; a heady mass of psychedelic guitar assaults that locked into grooves as frequently as it turned up the volume. On ‘Negative Feedback Resistor’ there’s a heaviness and aggression that supersedes the more melodic edge of their previous work. Some moments of the album, such as on ‘Salvation’, move into a sort of psych-metal territory with hurtling, smashing drums and swirling, wailing guitar lines that circle around the forceful charge of the song, moving like a swarm.

The album can border on the one-dimensional, becoming bogged down, and occasionally overpowered, by the effect-laden-yet-still-gruff vocals and the endlessly pounding drums. There are plenty of moments in which the textures and sonic intricacies outweigh the heavy-handedness occasionally on display, though, and it’s actually the brief moments of serenity – bathed in eerie drones and misty textures – that prove most interesting. These are usually brief moments of the calm before the storm. Enjoy them.


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