A complete list of all the bands that Lindsay Corstorphine (guitar, voice) Kevin Hendrick (guitar) and Robin Christian (drums) have been in would leave no room for a review of ‘Parts Primitive’, the debut record from Primitive Parts and the result of yet another side-project-cum-main-band for the London-based trio.

It’s certainly fair to say that Corstophine and his pals know their way around the UK independent scene, though where their other projects generally skew closer to balls-to-the-wall punk rock, we’re told that Primitive Parts aim to sound like “Stiff Records in the ‘60s” – an amalgam of scratchy post-punk (say, the Feelies) and British Invasion. It’s a solid premise that lives up to its promise on proto-psych opener ‘Miracle Skin’ and riff-fest ‘Troubles’ but falters deeper into the record, with chords and tempos seguing into one another and a creeping sense of overfamiliarity (via White Fence, Parquet Courts and the Brian Jonestown Massacre for starters).

To be sure, there’s some good fun to be had – with bright and breezy melodies all over the place – though originality is in short supply.


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