Night School and Sacred Bones are re-releasing the 2004 debut album from Rose McDowall tomorrow. Here’s the opening track from a cult pop icon’s solo LP


Cult pop duo Strawberry Switchblade formed in Glasgow in 1981, released their only album (self-titled) in 1985 and split up the following year.

Rose McDowall had written and demoed 9 tracks for a follow up record that never was, and finally released them in 2004 as her debut solo album, ‘Cut With The Cake Knife’.

Now, Glasgow label Night School Record and Brooklyn’s Sacred Bones have teamed up to reissue McDowall’s forgotten LP, released tomorrow (18 September 2015).

‘Tibet’ (a track written for her friend David Tibet) is its lead track, and of it McDowall says:

“A lot of the lyrics are very personal.. He was my best friend at the time. He was moving to live in Iceland and I thought “what am I gonna do? Who am I going to see all night horror movies with or go swimming at god-knows-what hour”… which I wasn’t very happy about but Tibet liked to get up and do his bit. It’s a sad song. They’re real sad songs, about real life.”

Order the album here.