In the six year gap since her (relatively) tame last album, ‘I Feel Cream’, Peaches has done opera, Broadway and written a book. But nowadays, not making a record for that long is tantamount to career suicide. Fortunately, ‘Rub’ shows that the woman born Merrill Nisker is still making subversive nymphopop of the highest order. While there are guest spots from Kim Gordon and Feist, this is absolutely Peaches’ show.

Single ‘Light in Places’ (with its extremely literal video) is a slow-burning rave-up, and the minimalist title track does for masturbation what ‘Fuck the Pain Away’ did for… well, you know. Meanwhile, ‘Free Drink Ticket’ may be the most disturbing song she’s ever written – a spoken word evisceration of an ex (“I wanna be there when you implode”), calmly spat out over an ominous synth loop. Sometimes the shock value overshadows the songs, but this IS Peaches we’re talking about here. And when she purrs, “I know it’s not subtle,” during ‘Dick in the Air’, at least you know she means it.


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