Diversify or die, confound expectations, keep moving forward; the restless creativity of Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner takes another turn in his experimental, electronic-orientated HeCTA project. This is a man who’s been gloriously standing on the outer fringes of ‘alternative’ music for around three decades throwing another curveball, and as he joyfully, provocatively says in the press release: “Suck it up, hippies!” Opener ‘Till Someone Gets Hurt’ is pleasingly buzzy, while ‘Sympathy For The Auto Industry’ is melodic, more chilled out, and – very oddly – vaguely reminiscent of a partially submerged, slowed-down Erasure track.

The record’s high point comes in ‘Like You’re Worth It’, which drifts slowly and quietly, synths dropping in and out, an ambient cocoon of sound moving gently through an underwater world. Take the presence of its semi-legendary creators out of the picture, and this is still an album of high quality electronic music. Yet for all its inventiveness, ‘The Diet’ remains ultimately an unchallenging listen – an engaging experience, but not an arresting one.


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